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Giving Back

Giving Back

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Did you know that 52% of Canadians have needed blood or blood services for either themselves or their family.

I have always wanted to donate blood but never had the courage to. I recently came across an article that highlighted the need for blood, and demonstrated how easy it is to donate. I read stories from blood donor recipients, and it was then that I realized how important it is for me to get out and do more.

I contacted the Canadian Blood Services to find out more information. This is what I learned:

• It only takes 15 minutes to donate one unit of blood.
• By dedicating just one hour of your time, you can help save up to three lives.
• 4300 more donors are needed this Summer alone. **
• Blood and blood components are used to treat a number of injuries and illnesses, including various forms of cancer, hip and joint surgery, transplants, trauma patients such as car accident victims, patients with blood disorders, and many others.

There is a screening process to determine eligibility. You can check out the website to ensure you meet the requirements before heading to the clinics. Please take the time to look in to the eligibility here.

Once you are eligible, find a clinic location near you. There are also mobile clinics that make donating blood even more convenient for you.

So today, my husband and I are heading to the Mobile Clinic in Arnprior to donate blood. We hope that by doing so we inspire others to go out and do the same. Please get involved – You never know who you will be saving.

For more information regarding the Canadian Blood Services check out their site.

***All Statistics from Canadian Blood Services Website

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    New post: Giving Back #ovmoms
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    Giving Back - Look into how you can donate blood today. @itsinyoutogive #canadianbloodservices
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    Todays Blog Post is about giving back. Read more to find out how you can help. #ovmoms @itsinyoutogive
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