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Review of the Ford F-150 Harley Ed.

Review of the Ford F-150 Harley Ed.

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To quote Tim “Tool Man” Taylor….. “ar ar ar ar (thats my attempt at his manly grunts, although sounds more like a seal). This is what went through my head while I was driving around in my big Ford F-150 Harley back in August. It was big, powerful, and sexy. So I thought a quote from Tim was suiting.

I picked up my truck from Campbell Ford on Carling. When I first saw the truck I would be driving, I will admit I was nervous. How am I suppose to drive around this HUGE truck comfortably? It was BIG! When I had the choice to chose a vehicle, I decided to go with a truck because a) my husband has always wanted this truck, and b)I wanted to see if it was reasonable for a family vehicle. I currently drive a mid-sized car and am hoping to upgrade to a bigger vehicle to accommodate all the “stuff” that comes along on our trips. So this was a great opportunity to see if a truck would suit our needs.  And I have to admit it was easier to drive around then I expected.  Read more to find out why.  :)

I really liked the look of the truck. It was a big truck but still had a nice design to the exterior. I felt like it would suit a man, woman, or family, with features that would benefit everyone.

So what features stood out for me?
One element I loved, was the step that lowered as you opened the doors. The truck is so big that you need that extra step to comfortably get in your seat. I also enjoyed having the step while I was putting my son in his car seat.  There was a lot of head room while inserting him in to his seat.  He is still rear facing and often bump his head as I put him in his seat.  This wasn’t the case in the truck.

Next I LOVED the heated seats.  Wasn’t it Aug you ask, well yes, it was.  I am ALWAYS cold, and my hubby is opposite.  So we are constantly fighting over climate control.  The air conditioned and heated seats allowed us both to set the temperature so we were comfortable.  At one point I had my heated seats on while he had his air conditioned seat on.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the ac seats but mainly because I found it got too cold for me.  My husband loved it.  He said he often finds his lower back gets warm so this allowed him to get air on his back without using the air conditioning in the truck.

I really enjoyed the space in the truck.  We had lots of legroom, and head space.   At one point we had 4 adults in the truck and everyone had more then enough room.   Whether sitting in the front or back, I was comfortable on long distance trips.  All of our luggage fit in the truck bed  which was great.  One thing we would invest in is a truck bed cover.  We were thankful it didn’t rain, otherwise all of our stuff would have been soaked.  This is a feature you can upgrade to.  If you need the extra space in the truck, the seat folds up for extra storage space, a great feature.

The truck had a 4.2′ LCD screen which included a GPS, climate control and back up camera.  I enjoyed having the back up camera, and wouldn’t go without one in our next vehicle purchase.  It made driving the larger truck so much easier.  I wasn’t concerned about backing in to or over anything because I could view what was behind me with the camera.  It made parking the truck easy and stressfree.

All in all, my husband and I really enjoyed the truck.  I was a bit sad when we had to return it, as I was finally getting use to all the features it had to offer.  It was expensive on gas, but found we got great gas mileage on the highways so great vehicle to have for road trips.  Not so great being stuck in traffic.
So our next vehicle will probably not be a Ford F-150 Harley Ed. only because of the high price tag.  That being said, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a truck as a family vehicle in the future.  I might have to check out the F-150 next.

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