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Remaining Fashionable While Pregnant (Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann)

Remaining Fashionable While Pregnant (Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann)

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In a previous post, I talked about how to dress your burgeoning pregnancy belly without breaking the bank; today, I want to focus more on how to remain fashionable as that baby belly grows.

It can easily get frustrating; not only trying to find items that actually fit your rapidly changing body, but also trying to find pieces that allow you to remain the fashionista you are (especially in Ottawa!). Here are some tips on letting your fabulous self shine through, no matter what trimester!

•Don’t be afraid to show some skin. No matter what size you may be, show a little skin, whether it is some cleavage (let’s be honest, you may never have this cleavage again!), a little leg or shoulder. Showing skin is not only sexy and exudes confidence, it is also an excellent ploy to detract attention from areas that may be growing to your great disdain, ahem, like your behind!

•Opt for form fitting styles. Although you may be inclined, for personal reasons to want to hide your bump in the first trimester, come the second and third, rock your baby belly like an accessory. Choose tops and dresses that cling to your belly and showcase it. This is a great way to streamline your silhouette and define your shape.

•Splurge on a pair of designer jeans. More and more designers are expanding their denim line (literally and figuratively) into maternity wear. J Brand, Citizen’s, Seven and Juicy Couture have all made forays into the maternity denim world and given their reputation in the designer jean world, you can be guaranteed that they will not only be a flattering fit, and well made; they will most definitely be fashionable as well.

•Find pieces that fit your developing body in mainstream stores. Not only will this save you some money, as you will be able to wear these items after you have the baby but you also will have more options that are on trend. Obviously, fit is of the essence here, so look for maxi skirts/dresses, leggings, flowy blouses (especially those which have seaming right below the busy; empire seaming), and long tunics.

•Fashionable footwear fits at any size (except for that swollen foot stage!). Finish off your outfit with a great pair of on-trend shoes. Think about using your footwear as an accessory or focal point. Try a monochromatic look with a leopard print flat or wedge. There are tons of styles available these days that are not only stylish but also comfortable. Flats are hugely popular right now. If you are normally a heel girl but can’t handle the height while balancing a belly, opt for a wedge or more conservative heel height.

Kat Neumann
Personal Image Consultant
Ottawa, Canada
613 291 1388


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