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Brownie Candy Cane Christmas Treats! (As Seen on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!)

Brownie Candy Cane Christmas Treats! (As Seen on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!)

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This cute (and yummy!!) treat was featured this morning on CTV Ottawa Morning Live! It is super easy and inexpensive treat for your kids to help you make and decorate over the Christmas Holidays! Cute to give to guests at parties, or friends and teachers too!!


  • box of your favourite brownie mix
  • icing of your choice (I have bought canned and coloured cookie icing here – easy for kids to use and don’t have to mix colours!)
  • candy canes
  • candy and things to decorate to your liking!


  1. Bake brownie mix according to the instructions on the box. I chose to use a 9″x13″ pan, so that I had plenty of area to cut shapes! Here is my little helper mixing the batter! :)
  2. Let brownie cool. Once cool, with either your knife or cookie cutters, cut the shapes out of your brownie treats to be! (I would suggest nothing too detailed as you are going to be poking a candy cane stick into it!)
  3. I used the left over pieces of candy cane from a previous treat, but you can buy candy cane sticks, or cut the ‘hook’ off the candy canes to make a stick (let a parent do this, as it can be tricky!). Insert the candy cane into the bottom of your brownie treat!
  4. Laying your treat down on a wax paper or parchment paper surface (makes for easier clean up!), go to town decorating your treats! Use coloured icing, candies and accessories to help make your beautiful creations!
  5. Once icing has hardened, you can put your brownie treats into cellophane baggies if you wish like we have, to give as treats!


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