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Camouflaging the Holiday Belly [Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann]

Camouflaging the Holiday Belly [Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann]

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With the cooler weather and shorter days, the season of indulgence is upon us. Whether the cooler weather makes you want to dig into a bowl of pasta, or those cocktails and canapés at all the holiday parties are catching up with you; it is fairly normal to put on a few pounds this time of year. With that comes the challenge of hiding the evidence of a newly formed belly.
Here are a few tips and tricks on camouflaging that tummy until your New Year’s resolution has worked it off!

  •   Diagonal stripes are much more flattering than horizontal ones. These lines are not always the ones found in the pattern of the top or jacket, but pay attention to the angle of the pockets and the seaming. These elements, on the diagonal can have a slimming effect. A blazer with diagonal pockets is a great example. Not to mention, a blazer will camouflage extra bulk in your mid-section.
  • Look for tops with gathering, or ruching. This will make it hard for people to tell if you have some tummy rolls!
  • Wrap tops and dresses are universally flattering and will accentuate and draw attention to where your waist is the smallest.
  • Although on-trend, flowy tops may not be your best bet at this time, as they may make your stomach area look larger. Wear pieces that are not tight but simply skim your silhouette. If you opt for a flowy top, try for a sheer style and wear a fitted camisole underneath so people get an impression of your actual size.
  • The front of your pants and skirts should be flat, minimizing the risk of added extra bulk to that area.
  • When all else fails, buy yourself a great shape wear item that will suck in your holiday bulk and create a smooth silhouette.

Kat Neumann
Personal Image Consultant
Ottawa, Canada
613 291 1388


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