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Hunting Season, Welcome to the Valley Eh!

Hunting Season, Welcome to the Valley Eh!

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If you grew up in the Ottawa Valley – Renfrew County in particular, chances are someone in your family hunts. Hunts deer, moose, bears, ducks….there are so many different ’seasons’ to choose from. Starting around Halloween until mid November, you are apt to see a lot of orange and camo clothing while out and about in Renfrew County.

I grew up in a family of deer hunters for the most part. My Grandfather, my Dad, my uncles, my brother, my husband….the list goes on. My grandparents house had deer horns on plaques on the walls. We ate venison as regularly as beef. Growing up we knew that after Halloween, Dad took off for the week to hunt. As kids, we would go out and sit on the runway on the Saturday morning of the first week. We would go out, Dad would have a camp fire, we’d eat Halloween Candy and see no deer. Afterwards, the ‘gang’ would cut up all the venison and it would be like a celebration.

There was one year in particular that I remember going out, and there was a deer that ran behind where we met to eat lunch. The guys all took off after it, determined to have a final deer to add to the tally. I think for me, that is when I really put it together that a deer goes from living to dead in a matter of seconds….and I didn’t want to experience that! Deer are probably one of my favourite animals. I did projects on them in elementary school, get excited when I see them – and always having lived in the country, I see them a lot – and I loved them alive and being graceful. And I had seen them dead. But I hadn’t really filled in that middle gap. After that, I never really wanted much to do with the whole hunting thing.

When I met my now husband, in his living room were 2 full deer busts (can I call a deer head a bust? I dunno, but I am!) like they were coming out of the walls. They were big, and it was creepy. Oh but guess what!!?? One of those big busts are now in OUR basement. I have affectionately called it “Bucky” and he creeps out my friends and kids think it is cool. I am not proud to say it is in my basement.

A deer right in front of our house one hunting season, while my husband was at the camp! Its a deer safezone! ;)

Anyways, my point of this post (and I do think I have one..??) is that I can coexist in a family that hunts and not necessarily agree with it. Last week my husband had the week off work and went into their camp and hunted while I was left to be a single parent for the week. This is something that he enjoys, as well as a ‘guys week’, so he deserves to do with that time as he sees fit. (Funnily enough, we had a doe and 2 fawns in our backyard a couple afternoons….and it makes me smile cause I like to think they know they are safe here ;) ) I had gotten away from eating venison for many years, so now do not really enjoy its flavour, but we still have it in our freezer for the rest of my family to enjoy. I don’t think any less of my family and friends for hunting, but I just can’t see (nor want to) killing such a pretty animal. (I totally eat meat, don’t get me wrong. For some reason deer are not the same to me as a cow or pig etc Don’t know why.) But I do think hunting is kind of redneck-ish especially when I see women hunting. (No offense to women hunters!)

What disgusts me though, is the killing of a deer to kill and brag. My husband and my family shoot for food. The deer is not wasted. Meat is consumed and pelts are turned into the Ministry. I get that guys can get excited about who got the biggest rack (still talking about deer here :P ), but that is not the main point. Way back when, animals were hunted for survival not for fun. I think that needs to remain.

What ties do you have to hunting? What is your opinion on it all? Are you for or against hunting deer?

**Please note, I am not looking for backlash on animal cruelty or rude comments. Being from the Ottawa Valley, hunting is a big thing with a lot of people around here. I am not bashing those who do hunt, nor am I condoning all those who do. This is simply a post about my experiences on it, and where I stand. Please respect all comments that I have made and that others may post! Thanks!**

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  1. Tricia Monday - 12 / 11 / 2012 Reply
    I love this post. It made me smile that the deer came to the safe zone. I also grew up in a family that hunt, and think its great that the guys get a way once a year to hunt, eat good food and enjoy each others company.
    • Crystal Monday - 12 / 11 / 2012 Reply
      Thanks Tricia! I agree, it is good 'male bonding' time ;) lol
  2. Erin Blaskie
    Monday - 12 / 11 / 2012 Reply
    Oh yes... I too grew up in a hunting family but my dad sold all of his guns at some point and no longer hunts. Now he fishes :) I think it's something that you grow accustomed to depending on where you live but you are right... you can grow accustomed to it but still not necessarily agree with it. I don't like the idea of killing animals but at the same time, we kill cows, pigs, chickens, etc. every single day so really, it's not much different. It's a sport albeit one that I'm definitely not going to be involved in :)
    • Crystal Monday - 12 / 11 / 2012 Reply
      Totallllllly agree! But I could do without Bucky....just sayin'! ;)
  3. Rhonda Monday - 12 / 11 / 2012 Reply
    I think it is just an excuse to hang out with the guys and drink large amounts of alcohol;) I don't quite understand why us women feel that the guys need a 2 week 'break' though. Do we get a break? What would they do if we took off 2 weeks every year? My hubby hunts moose and deer. There are also the 'prep' weekends to put up treestands and cut trails and then the cutting of the ice. I am not a big fan of the deer venison, but I do love having moose meat in the house. Moose chili, moose shepherds pie and moose stew are my faves. I must say though, the amount of money spent on passes, gear, alcohol and food for those weeks make it very expensive meat;) LOL. I think that we need to make up a 'hunting' season maybe in waterloo or syracuse NY for 2 weeks hunting for We could get a lot of stuff for the amount the guys spend hunting;) Oh, I should add that they should have to look after the kids for the full time instead of pawning them off on the grandparents;) lol. Truthfully though, I don't mind him going, we eat the meat and I enjoy the time with the whole bed to myself and no snoring;)
    • Crystal Monday - 12 / 11 / 2012 Reply
      This is exactly why my girl friend and I went to Paris for 10 days in October! Forced my hubby to stay home with the kids, and appreciate all I do while I was away! I soooo needed that time away! But agree, there should be a National Shopping Hunting Week for us ladies!! :)
  4. kim Tuesday - 13 / 11 / 2012 Reply
    Before going vegetarian I joked around saying if I had to hunt I'd be vegetarian. I don't have the stomach for it. My dad didn't hunt, but my uncle does every year and I know other people who do too. I agree: as long as it's for food and nothing is wasted, hunting is okay. It is one of the most primal traditions, universal and world-wide. As long as it is done with gratitude and respect, it is the circle of life and there is something very special about being so close to your food... We are so detached from what we eat today, getting to eat venison caught by family or friend can be a humbling experience.
    • Crystal Tuesday - 13 / 11 / 2012 Reply
      You wrote it so beautifully Kim! I couldn't agree more with you! Just goes to show how different we all are, and althogh you wouldn't do it yourself, you don't condone it or look down upon it. If only the world looked at everything that way! :)

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