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Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees (As Seen on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!)

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees (As Seen on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!)

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This cute and SUPER SIMPLE Kids in the Kitchen Christmas treat was featured on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!! Inexpensive and fun for kids and adults alike! This would make a neat dessert addition to a Christmas dinner – have the supplies all set up, and while the adults finish dinner or are chatting have the kids start making their own dessert! Keeps them busy for a while decorating their little trees up….and then eat them up when their done! :)


  • ice cream cones (I used ’sugar’ cones from President’s Choice here)
  • icing – you can make your own or used store bought!
  • candy and items to decorate your ‘trees’
  • food colouring to make green icing


  1. Get all your  items ready and lay them out – icing, candy to decorate and cones!
  2. I  found it easiest to put the cone over my middle and index finger of my non dominant hand, and use a butter knife to spread the icing on the cone from top to bottom. When my daughter (who is 5) was doing it, she  tried this but ended up finding it easier to put down on a plate and be able to use both hands!
  3. Once you have your icing on the cone, use your imagination! :) You can decorate your little tree however you wish!!! :)
  4. Leave them setting out or in the fridge….if they aren’t eaten right away! ;) Enjoy!!

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Comments (2)

  1. Tricia Monday - 19 / 11 / 2012 Reply
    I am sad I didn't get to sample any of these great treats!
    • Crystal Monday - 19 / 11 / 2012 Reply
      I bet Carter would even enjoy this one! You could ice it and he could go to town decorating....or eating all the candy as Mason did ;)

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