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Trying to Conceive – Not Always as Exciting as it Sounds

Trying to Conceive – Not Always as Exciting as it Sounds

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You have waited your whole life to be a mom, and the time has finally come to start trying, so now the fun begins, right?

This isn’t always the case. After talking to a group of women, most said that although they wanted to enjoy this stage with their partner, it often turned to frustration and sadness when they didn’t get pregnant. They explained that even though they never expected to get pregnant immediately, it was hard for them not to feel deflated when it didn’t happen. These new feelings of frustration often lead to other feelings and a fear that eventually took over. Conception is something that is completely out of our hands, so not having 100% control over the situation can be difficult.

Its when these feelings start coming to the surface that we often find the process overwhelming. At this point some women will turn to other tools and resources to help the process. There are many tools and products out there that guarantee results to determine when we are ovulating or most fertile. You can input your cycle in to a tool on the internet, and are immediately shown results of our fertile periods. There are also ovulations tests to show when you are ovulating, and a lubricant to create an ‘optimal environment for sperm’.

Its hard to accept that the process isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when Hollywood and the media, make it seem easy and effortless. In some cases it does come easily and quickly, but statistics show that it takes most women on average four to five months. So do what works best for you and your partner.

Keep in mind that regardless how long it takes you to conceive, and whether or not you had to turn to external resources or not, you are not alone. Make sure you talk to your partner and your friends, you shouldn’t take on these feelings alone. And finally, remember there are options out there for you if you have trouble conceiving, and make an appointment with your DR if you are concerned.



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