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Our Secret Little Gem

Our Secret Little Gem

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As most of you know our family lives in the cute little village of Richmond! We moved here 3 years ago into our dream home. We wanted somewhere a little quieter and slower paced to raise our children (we moved from Village Green in Kanata). We really lucked out when we moved here. We got an amazing, well-built, new house by Talos Homes and with it came a huge lot for our 2 dogs and kids to play in. We have amazing neighbors all around us and have made many friends on our street. We really have a community here, I just love it!

Although we have an amazing house, community and neighbors, our little Gem is actually our peaceful Conservation area just around the corner from us. We were attracted to this nature reserve before we even moved in our house. We scoped it out every time we drove by our lot and knew this would be where our dogs and kids would explore and play.

This is my favorite season walking through the conservation land, it smells like fall and we just become engulfed in nature. It also brings back many amazing memories of walking the dogs while pregnant with Owen (like every day!) and then walking with Owen and the dogs while pregnant with Anna. Now we get to explore as a family looking for frogs and birds right in our back yard. I grew up in the country and knew I needed to raise my family with this element and am so glad we have our little Gem that resets and relaxes us after long busy days! Tell me about your little Gem if you wish to share as I know there must be many hidden all over Ottawa and the Valley!

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  1. Heidi Monday - 17 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    Is this the one on Eagleson? It is a little too cool now, but have you been to the beach at Baxter's Conservation Area near Kars? It is an awesome beach for kids (the water isn't too deep) and the Ice Cream Boat visits the beach at 1pm daily in the summer (yum)! It was great seeing you again on the weekend, Heidi
    • Nina Monday - 17 / 09 / 2012 Reply
      It is off Eagleson Heidi! I haven't been to Baxter Conservation area, but would like to now! Sounds awesome for the summer, thanks for sharing and good to see you again too!
  2. Monica H.
    Monday - 17 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    Great name for your daughter - that's my daughter's name too :) Our little gem is the Transcanada Trail. We just moved to Deer Run in Stittsville and are super close to the trail. There are also 'secret' little trails that go through the woods (they're not so secret ;) ) and I love exploring them with my daughter and dog. Ottawa is full of these little 'gems'.
    • Nina Monday - 17 / 09 / 2012 Reply
      Aw that's awesome Monica, it is my Favorite name! We almost moved to Deer Run just before we found our builders, I think we would have been very happy there with all the trails too! Enjoy many more days/weeks/years of exploring:)

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