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Family Traditions

Family Traditions

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My husband and I have been out of the Country for the last 4 Thanksgivings. So being home, surrounded by family and friends this year, means a lot.

It was hard being away from our families over the holidays. We missed seeing all our relatives, tasting the Thanksgiving food prepared by our mothers, as well as all of the other traditions we have with our families.

Being away from our family, made us realize how important it was for us to develop our own traditions. Just because we weren’t at home, didn’t mean we wanted to miss out on all that the holidays had to offer. So we gathered our closest friends and started our own Canadian and American Thanksgiving traditions in the US. We made it a potluck affair. Everyone brought there own Thanksgiving dishes and desserts so we could experience all the traditional foods from around the country. Most importantly we surrounded ourselves with our closest friends. We all missed our families back at home but we found comfort in being with each other. It quickly became a tradition. Our close group of friends got together for all of the holidays, both US and Canada.

Now that we are home again, we look forward to being with our families. We are doing Thanksgiving with both families, because we can! We are soaking up our families and those traditions that we missed so much. We will never forget the other traditions we formed with our amazing friends in the US.


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