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National Work From Home Week October 7-13, 2012

National Work From Home Week October 7-13, 2012

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Let’s celebrate all those that work at home! Do you work from home? What do you do? As a home daycare provider, I am a happy mom who gets to stay home with her kids and have them socialize with other kids in our loving home. I knew once I became a mom that I did not want to work away from home and drop my kids off at a daycare for 8+ hours a day. I am very fortunate to be able to stay home and play with my kids all day, although not every day is sunshine and rainbows! There are days when I wish I could drop them off somewhere, work and socialize with other adults and drive to and from work, but in the big picture, I love working from home.

I also get the priviledge of working with 4 amazing women through Ottawa Valley Moms! When I am not caring for my kiddies and other peoples kiddies, I am working on our website, blog posts, facebook or twitter! The beauty of this work is it is portable, and can be done at various hours throughout the day and night.

Lastly I also run a fitness Bootcamp class out of my home (it is run out of the park during warmer weather). We have a gym set up in our basement storage room with dumbells, stability balls and a squat rack. I absolutely love that I am able to teach my passion in my own house. Do you have a passion that you work with from home?

If you don’t work from home, do you wish you did? Do you find it hard to balance work away from home and home life? I know there are pros and cons to each situation and would love to hear your thoughts!

I would love to hear about your home businesses? or potential home work.


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