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Halloween Meal Ideas – Kraft Canada

Halloween Meal Ideas – Kraft Canada

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Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate then creating some spooky meal ideas.

My son and I are heading to a Halloween potluck before we head out Trick or Treating. I wanted to stick with the Halloween theme and get creative with my meal ideas. I have been browsing Pinterest, and sifting through articles online to find some new, creative ideas. That’s when I came across Kraft Canada What’s Cooking website.  It was exactly what I was looking for.

Kraft Canada had many great ideas to help stay creative when making supper this season.  These meal ideas are not only Halloween themed, but also healthy and hearty ideas to give the kids energy while going door to door.

My Favorite is the Mummy-Face Pizza’s.  They are easy to prepare, and can be made for a larger group.  You can personalize each pizza with different faces too.  This is also a great example of a meal that your kids can get involved in making.  Let them pick their toppings and create the perfect face for the mummy.  The recipe can be found here .

Another great idea is the Coffin Sandwiches.   You can offer a variety of sandwiches by mixing up the type; peanut butter and jam, ham, or cheese whiz.  Carve out a coffin, decorate the outside with a spooky saying and Voila!  Quick and Easy and will keep bellies full.  Find the recipe here.

If you are preparing an appetizer you can create this skeleton out of vegetables.  It is a great visual on a plate and might  help entice your kids to eat their vegetables.  Find the recipe here.

 Now to the best part.  Dessert.  There are some great ideas for making ghoulish desserts.  From cupcakes, to cakes, pies, and cookies, these recipes will not dissappoint.  Try these delicious Mummy Cookie Balls.

So whatever you are planning, mix it up a bit and get in the Halloween spirit.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Melissa Bernard Friday - 26 / 10 / 2012 Reply
    I LOVE these ideas and something I think I'm going to do for my 'big kid' lunch this year :) Thanks for the ideas!!

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