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Giving a Homemade Gift, With a Little Help! [Guest Blog Post by Tasty Treats]

Giving a Homemade Gift, With a Little Help! [Guest Blog Post by Tasty Treats]

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Christmas is synonymous with good cheer, family time, great meals, faith, and for most everyone – gifts. A Christmas tradition that my husband and I started a few years ago was giving unique, hand-made gifts to friends and family members. Our salsas, spiced nuts, and other delicacies became highly sought after among our family and friends. The concept for Tasty Moments was born from this tradition. We thought: “People would love to give handmade gifts, but most don’t have time to make them”.

Because we could not produce by hand enough goods for commercial purposes ourselves, we decided to turn to local Ottawa area culinary artists and assemble their wares into gift totes. We are proud to offer Ottawa’s best preserves, jams, teas, honey, mustard, cranberry sauce . . . just to name a few . . . in our gift totes.  We’ve been amazed at the talented chefs and the wholesome goodness found within the region. From the folks at Upper Canada Cranberries who make a to die for cranberry sauce out of maple syrup, honey and cranberries, to the Algonquin Tea Company who scours Canada’s wild to harvest herbs and plants and use them in their high-quality teas; we’ve been blown away.

Our line of gift totes is a collection of Ottawa’s best, handcrafted treats so that you can give a unique gift with a personal touch, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. You don’t have to fight line-ups in malls or worry about scouring the aisles, you can click (or touch) from the comfort of your home and have your gifts delivered within Ottawa (please allow 5-7 business days) for a very reasonable $5. Wishing you the very best of the Christmas season,

From Ottawa, to Ottawa, with love!

Aleisha & Joseph Yawney


The lovely people behind Tasty Moments are Aleisha & Joseph Yawney! Tasty Moments is a “mom and pop” operation that believes in putting extra care into gift giving. Each of our gifts is handmade with care in Eastern Ontario, using local ingredients when possible. We’ve teamed up with a host of local artisans so that you can offer the freshest, tastiest treats from the close to home to those you love.

You can find them at: Their website * Via email * On Twitter * On Facebook

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  1. Brenda A Monday - 17 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    My tummy rumbles reading about those wonderful foods! I love to learn about new local producers. I will have to look them up! Thank you!
    • Crystal Monday - 17 / 12 / 2012 Reply
      No problem! Glad we can introduce newer local companies to the Ottawa Valley! :)

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