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Holiday Nails with Inspiration From Pinterest!

Holiday Nails with Inspiration From Pinterest!

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I have a little confession. I have become addicted to

Most people use for inspiration for their homes, for food, for crafts, DIY projects, holiday ideas…etc etc. I have found a new love for looking on ….for nail art! Specifically right now, pretty, fun holiday nails! I came across this pin (Snow Angel picture to the right), and the searching began!

There are soooo many great ideas on right now for some fab DIY nail ideas! Most I will admit, I find a little daunting as I don’t feel I am that creative! Not to mention that the nail is relatively small, and I just don’t know how some of these creations are made!

Here are a sampling of some of the awesome holiday nail pins that I came across that I wanted to share!

And then there are those that I think are WAYYYY over the top, and I would never ever do in like a million years like the one below!!

So after all my searching, I decided to keep my first attempt at pretty holiday nails pretty low key because:

  1. Like I said, I am not that artsy.
  2. I love my nails painted but HATE how quickly they chip, and if I put a ton of time into them, I didn’t want to be disappointed in them chipping, so decided against the more elaborate!

So I decided to go with buying a nude colour (the one I chose was called #380 Elegant by Revlon) as my base and then a wintry, sparkly coat on top (the one I chose, and is shown in the picture below, is called #180 Disco Ball by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear)! I of course then topped it all with a coat of clear anti-chipping top coat! So this was my end result!

I like it! It is subtle, but still pretty! It is not as wintry looking as the first Snow Angel picture that inspired me on , but I have since bought a more white/nude colour and am going to try it as well with the sparkly white on top!

I think now that I have tried one of the pretty nail ideas I have found on , I just may be more adventurous and do something a little more elaborate for Christmas Day!  ;)

What do you think? Would you wear any of the nail styles that I posted above!?


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