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Rudolph’s Gift! (App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Rudolph’s Gift! (App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

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What a fantastic free app released just before Christmas! Rudolph’s Gift is a super fun and slightly addictive app that our whole family loves! We downloaded it on our iPad and both my husband and son play the game!

What it’s all about:
Based on the timeless Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® TV special, the game lets you play Rudolph as he leads Santa’s sleigh and delivers presents to children around the world. Players can collect power-ups and upgrade Rudolph’s abilities as they deliver as many presents as possible while dodging airborne obstacles like blimps and airplanes! This game has dual controls with left hand steering Rudolph and the sleigh and right hand taps the houses to deliver the presents! There is also an option to choose different characters from the movie to steer Santa’s sleigh!

What we love:
My son who is just over 2 and a half loves playing it and giggles as Rudolph crashes into an airplane and at the cute comments by Rudolph and Santa! I often play with him where I do the presents and he drives the sleigh or vice versa. My husband and I have also been having a competition for furthest distance and most presents dropped!
There are different elements to the game that keep us all interested and entertained for hours!! The characters are super adorable and are similar to the ones in the Rudolph movie, which makes it fun to play.

Not so in love with:
Some items in the game are initially locked, everything can be unlocked by achieving specific scores or with in-app purchases. So with an addictive game, they keep you wanting more!

Make sure to download it free from your app store. Oceanhouse Media delivered a great app for the season which will get any age into the Christmas spirit!

Ages- 5 and up
Developers: Oceanhouse Media
Requirements: supports iOS 5.0 (and higher) and iPhone3GS (and newer) devices.

Check out the video below of Owen playing! Super cute!



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