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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

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A New Year, a New You, right? Every year, do you make New Years Resolutions only to break them a few weeks, a month later?

I am a victim of this year after year. I make these resolutions and set myself up for failure. I then beat myself up, wondering why I couldn’t go through with it again this year. So my strategy has been to not make resolutions these past few years. That works, right?

I love the idea of New Years Resolutions. A new year, a new beginning. What better time to make these positive changes in your life, when the clock hits midnight. So this year I decided to give my new years resolutions another go.

This year, I have decided to make realistic goals. Instead of setting myself up for failure, I have started small. This gives me not only the chance to reach my goals but also the chance to surpass them.

One resolution that I always seem to have is Eating Better, and exercising more. Thats a pretty blanket statement. I decided to look deeper and come up with goals within this category. By reaching these smaller goals, I am achieving the bigger picture as well.

Another resolution this year is to find better time management skills. I am a work at home mom, and a co-founder of a business, if I could manage my time better, I would be a happier person, who was achieving more. I have laid out a plan to become better at this, while cutting out useless factors that eat up my time. By changing a few things in my day to day life, I can be much more productive.

And finally, I want to work on being a happier person. I have so much to be thankful in my life, and have accomplished so much. Instead of focusing on the negative, I am going to focus on the positive. Its amazing how quickly this can help turn around your day. I am going to smile more!

So there they are. A few small goals to start the New Year off on a good foot. I promise to continue to update and create new goals as the year goes on.

What goals are you making this New Years? Do you tend to stick with your goals?


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