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Thankfully Reflecting on a Year

Thankfully Reflecting on a Year

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*written on January 1st, 2013*

I awake and look at the clock, it is 9:40am. Lord love my hubby for letting me sleep in today!

I roll over and look out our large bedroom window. Out onto the snowy wonderland that is my yard. But more so, focusing on the sunshine streaming in through the trees, the way the sun makes the snow glisten and sparkle! It is all so pretty! (If you have read some of my posts, or know me at all, you’ll know that I often don’t openly acknowledge how pretty the winter really is, more so focus on the negative!) Never the less, it took my breath away, and I began to focus on the great things that I may have taken advantage of lately.

December was a tough month in this household. I was sick and laid up with the flu. My husband was off sick with pneumonia and then was in the ER again Christmas Eve and had/has Post-Pneumonia Inflammation. My son is now on his 2nd puffer, with what may be the the onset of asthma, and has been, what seems like, constantly sick since mid-October. My computer is on the brink of self-detonating. Between Christmas and New Years I felt depressed and discouraged with some personal issues and things going on within our extended family. I sort of feel like I just keep getting dragged further and further into a dark hole with no hopes of seeing some light!!!

So, waking up to a new year with gorgeous scenery, was definitely the pick me up I so needed! :)

I lay in bed, reflecting back on 2012. And you know what? I really did have an amazing year!

  • I set out and accomplished goals. I wanted to run a 5k race. I not only did that, but ran a total of 5 in 2012! I made time for myself and lost some weight while at my running goals! (More on picking this back up in an upcoming post!)
  • I travelled. I FINALLY made it to Paris! My life long dream trip! 10 amazing days with my friend in Paris! Something I will NEVER forget!
  • Ottawa Valley Moms happened! This in itself has brought me so much joy and feeling of accomplishment – something I could have never imagined this time last year!
  • I started working a bit from home and feeling like I am contributing to our household in that way again has felt freeing!

But it is not only these tangible things that have me feeling warm and fuzzy. With December being a hard month, it is so easy to get caught up in all that comes with that dark cloud. So, although my family has been sick, and it has been a struggle… they are here. They are here with me still. Our illnesses are/were not life threatening. I know that I have family and friends here who love me, and that I love. We have lost some amazing people in our lives this year, so I am grateful that no matter what I am going through or how sickly my household has been, we are all here, together.

Sometimes it is harder to see the good for the bad blocking the way. But looking past it all, and seeing those good things, even those that we may take for granted a lot, is what living is all about!

As I lay here gazing out the window lost in my thoughts, promising myself to get up in a better mood, go forth with a happier mindset, I begin to hear the little pitter patter of my son’s feet, and soon after, him jumping up on top of me all smiles and saying “Hiiii Mommy!”  THIS, this moment is what to focus on and soak in. 2012 was full of many moments like this!! I need to remember them, focus on those moments and let go of the negative.

Welcome 2013, I look forward to all you have in store for me!!! :)

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  1. Erin Wednesday - 02 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    Love this post! You are right - you have accomplished and achieved so much this past year. You have two of the cutest kids ever, a husband who loves you and friends (like ME!) who love you too! So glad that we get to kick so much ass together this year... Let's DO THIS!
    • Crystal Wednesday - 02 / 01 / 2013 Reply
      Woot woot!! Thanks Erin! I am glad and thankful that 2012 brough us even closer together! :) 2013 has nothing on us ;) xo
  2. Erin H Wednesday - 02 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    Awesome post! You are 100% correct! You have your family and at the end of the day they are totally Healthly! Winter months always bring people down, however this post makes us shake our heads and realize that it is not that bad and look for the positive small things everyday Thanks for sharing xoxo

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