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Numbers, Symbols and Family Dynamics!

Numbers, Symbols and Family Dynamics!

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I had mentioned in a previous post that I had an interest in Numerology and Astrology and have been having a lot of fun seeing how it relates to our family dynamic! I take most of it lightheartedly but it is neat to see what holds true!

Numerology is very interesting and has so much information attached to it – too much to go over here – but basically you find your number by adding your birth day to your birth month to your birth year, like mine below, to get a single number:

  • Day 3+1=4
  • Month 0+8=8
  • Year 1+9+8+2=2+0=2
  • Equals 4+8+2=14
  • 1+4=5= my number!

I also found this numerology website that defined each number’s personality and characteristics and found it fairly true for each of us! Dave was a lot less impressed and claimed that what they wrote could work for anyone! (I disagree!) So out of curiosity, I did a compatibility test between Dave and I here and these were the results!

  • 5: Nina 2: dave

Generally, Lifepath numbers 2 and 5 have short-lived relationships. Simply put, they don’t get, or particularly like, each other. Think of the 2 as water and the 5 as water: in a specific environment, they can benefit each other…but when they occupy the same space, one will destroy the other. The best lesson for them is to stay out of each other’s way.

If a 2 and 5 do fall for each other, a strong, lifelong relationship can result if each is willing to accept the other as-is. 2s and 5s should never try to change each other. Independence is important here, too. While the 2 understands and respects emotions and intuitions, the 5 understands action and risky adventures. If the 2 and 5 can respect each other’s strengths and maintain distance, their relationship has a shot.

I love the water and water analogy, makes so much sense!  So, we did fall in love and do accept each other as is, and if there is any attempt to change the other, there becomes turmoil in our relationship! It was fun to see what we were and who knows what the next 10 years will reveal!

As for as Astrology, I have always read my horoscope whenever possible, but put a lot less confidence in the day to day ones over the overall character definitions. I am a Virgo, Dave is a Taurus, Owen is an Aries and Anna is a Virgo as well. When reading the character traits of each sign, a lot were bang on and a couple seemed far off. These are a few general characteristics I found… most to be true!

  • Some general traits of Virgos are: modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, practical,  intelligent, worrier, overcritical, harsh and perfectionist!
  • Taurus the Bulls are: patient, reliable, loving, determined, security loving, jealous, possessive, resentful and greedy!
  • Aries the Ram are: adventurous, energetic, courageous, confident, quick witted, selfish, quick tempered, impatient and daredevil!


Although mine and Dave’s numbers don’t match up perfectly, we do have very compatible signs, so maybe that overrules the numbers! I am also not very compatible with my ram head son, which could explain us butting heads a lot. My husband is compatible with both my daughter and I, but not with Aries either! I like reading about each sign, it almost helps me to accept certain faults and be proud of my good personality traits!

Do you believe in Astrology and Numerology? What have you found true or crazy?


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