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Possible Ma-Te-Way Expansion in Renfrew, ON

Possible Ma-Te-Way Expansion in Renfrew, ON

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If you live in Renfrew, then you have probably made the 20-minute trek to Arnprior to enjoy the swimming pool, or ice surfaces. Its nice that we have the opportunity to go to another town and use their facilities. My family and I have shared many fond memories at the Nick Smith Center in Arnprior, and will continue to enjoy their facilities over the years to come.

But what if you had the option of going to a pool here in town? What about an indoor walking/jogging track, and an additional ice surface? Would you and your family benefit from having these facilities in town only a short distance away?  What would these facilities mean for Renfrew?


There is currently an effort being put forth to add an additional ice surface at the current Ma-Te-Way facilities as well as build a pool. We are at a crucial part of the process where we need your immediate attention and action.

Arena interior_August 2012

Your support will show council that there is an interest in the community to expand the current services.  These facilities will not only benefit families who enjoy skating and swimming, but also bring us together as a community.

On January 14th the Renfrew Town Council will vote to continue to pursue this project, or abandon the project for years to come. We are asking that you send letters of support to the council before this date so they have an idea of what our thoughts and feelings are on this project.

There of course is a cost for this project, but having the option to enjoy this facility with your family and friends far outweigh these costs.  As a community we can come together to live a healthier lifestyle, and get out to support each other.  It will not only bring us closer as a community but also bring money to local businesses.

If you support this project, please write a brief letter explaining to Council why they should continue pursuing this project. Emails of support can be sent to: .

If we want change we need to be proactive, and let our voice be heard.  Please take a few minutes and e-mail.  Hopefully we will see you in the pool in a few years ;)

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  1. Crystal Friday - 11 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    Thanks Tricia! I think this is important for the town of Renfrew to have! I know we would use it!


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