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Anna’s First Birthday

Anna’s First Birthday

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What a weekend! I still can’t believe my little baby just turned one! We had an amazing time with friends and family to celebrate Anna’s big milestone!

Looking back on the year, it really went by fast. I can still remember the sound of my water breaking as labour began. Now we are still cleaning up after hers and my birthday weekend! We had our joint celebration on friday with just me, Dave and the kids. Somewhat relaxing and much needed family time. On saturday we had my parents, sister and nephew over for dinner and cake. Owen and his cousin Braydon played all afternoon in the sprinkler as Gramma and Grampa Sklep cooed over Anna! Dave and I snuck in some relaxing moments outside on our deck as the kids played. We really enjoyed the time with our family, but missed my other siblings who couldn’t be there.

On Sunday we had a great group of friends over, a couple neighbors, and Dave’s brother and kids. There was over 20 adults and about 15 kids! Our awesome neighbors brought over a bouncy castle that the kids loved and they played and ran and had tons of fun! Very few injuries…..I think Lucas is dying to get out in this picture! For lunch we had BBQ hotdogs, hamburgers, veggies and birthday cupcakes for dessert! Anna loved playing with her cupcake and wore most of it! These parties keep getting crazier as more and more of our friends are having more kids but I wouldn’t change it. I love having all our closest in the same area celebrating all together. What is your favorite way to celebrate your kids birthdays? Quiet family time or heading out somewhere to avoid the clean up?!

It’s hard not to compare Anna to Owen, but it’s inevitable right?! I am just finding it hard to accept that she is now one. When Owen turned a year he was walking already, and had a handful of words. He was a lot bigger and stronger than Anna, making her seem way too young and little to be turning one!! She just started babbling this past weekend- Dave claims she is saying dada, but I still won’t admit it!

We will be going to Anna’s one year checkup soon and will have an update on her weight, immunizations and health in general then, I always look forward to those checkups to see how much they’ve grown. I can’t wait to see her development over the next 6 months, she is our precious little angel!

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  1. Crystal Friday - 07 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    Glad we could be there! Love the pic of her at the top!! :) xo
  2. nice baby boy name Friday - 26 / 10 / 2012 Reply
    Naming a child is an important step and requires a great deal of thought. The name of a child is a long lasting thing and might affect his or her personality to a degree.

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