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Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

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“Do the mash, do the Monster Mash!!”

But seriously, before you go out and get your Monster Mash on, make sure you’ll be doing it safely!! Halloween is SO. MUCH. FUN!!! It can sometimes be easy for kids (and some adults) to get carried away and forget about all the things that can go wrong, or at the very least, need to have a little more attention paid to!

So with the help of Health Canada, I have compiled a list of the biggest safety tips for you for this Halloween!

Costume Safety

  • Be sure that costumes are brightly coloured so all drivers can see you! If your costumeis dark, you can always wear reflective tape, glow sticks/necklaces.
  • Wear something that fits you! Not something that is too long or has parts that hang. You could trip, get caught or extra fabric could get too close to candles in pumpkins.
  • Opt for face paint over masks. Masks can block vision.
  • Be warm! Dress accordingly for our Canadian falls!
  • Be comfortable! Don’t want any blisters from shoes or a costume being too tight!

House Decoration

  • Although it is really fun to decorate the outside of your house with all the tombstones, pumpkins and theatrical decorations available now a days, be sure that it is safe for children who will be coming up to your door! Clear walk ways from obstacles, and try to have lights on so that everyone can see.
  • I know it is more modern, and some prefer a candle, but try a flame less candle or LED light inside your Jack ‘O Lantern to avoid flames getting away, or smoking pumpkins!
  • Try to keep dogs or pets that may scare or jump up on children, away from the door or outside.

Out Trick Or Treating

  • It is always best to accompany your child while out trick or treating. Especially young children and elementary aged children.
  • Be cautious of all roadways and vehicles. Just because you can see them, doesn’t mean that they can always see you!
  • Age old tradition: only visit houses that have pumpkins lit! If a house does not look safe to you, better to avoid it!
  • For younger children, it is best to go just after dinner, around dusk, so that it is still a little light out and you can keep a better eye on them.
  • Make sure not to let your children have any of their treats before inspecting them! Hard to resist but very important!
  • When you are able to, make sure to go through your child’s treats. Inspecting them all, and throwing away anything not wrapped, with holes or suspicious looking.
  • Don’t force your child to go trick or treating, or to go up to houses that scare them. Let them guide you!

Halloween is a night of trick and treats and fun for the whole family! Traditions that can be set and carried on year after year! Keep in mind the safety rules and you can enjoy it all no problem! For more on the tips listed above, along with more tips and Halloween Safety, Health Canada has a great website set up!

Happy Haunting!!!


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