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Putting Thought Back Into Gift Giving [Guest Blog Post by Tasty Moments]

Putting Thought Back Into Gift Giving [Guest Blog Post by Tasty Moments]

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Anxiety levels rise as the Christmas giving season approaches. Finding that perfect gift is sometimes a task so daunting that our blood starts pumping and our palms start sweating. It’s partially due to fighting the long lines of shoppers and squeezing through crowds spilling through the malls. But mostly, the trouble stems from trying to find that perfect gift for everyone on our list (or, at least, a gift). It is helpful to keep in mind the following three words when deciding what to buy the important people in our lives: Authentic, Thoughtful, Surprising.


  • A good gift is a gift from the heart. Giving because it is the expected thing to do or because of tradition are not good reasons. When giving a gift, it is good to ask yourself why you are giving it. If the answer is “Because it’s the thing you do” or “They would be sad if I didn’t,” then try to find another reason. Think about how much you value the recipient, their strengths and good qualities. Remember all of the good times you shared together and how they’ve helped you. Try and make your gift giving an expression of how much you value your relationship.


  • A gift is a piece of you. It shows what you value, and it also shows how much you know the recipient. A good gift is a coming together, a finding of common ground between giver and recipient. It is ideal to give something that is uniquely “you” which the other would also really value.
  •  A helpful trick is to try and remember hints that might have been dropped throughout the year: “I’ve always wanted to . . .” Or “I keep meaning to get . . .” Are key phrases that might help you find a great gift for someone you care about. Perhaps you remember hearing someone say: “I’ve always wanted to learn French,” or “My can opener sucks – it’s so hard to use.” These remarks are gold. A great French learning resource or an easy to use, quality can opener take on new meaning because it shows you were listening when to them. Remembering these remarks will help you find something that the receiver will really appreciate. It also shows you care.


  • All of us remember the suspense of waiting to see what is held in that shiny package under the tree when we were kids. That magic never really leaves us – though we mask it better as adults. Wrapping gifts is a tradition that stems from our desire to surprise and be surprised. It is part of the gift. Original gifts, gifts that show a level of creativity, add an element of surprise that everyone enjoys.

These are just a few thoughts that might help you in your hunt for a unique, thoughtful gift from the heart, that will hopefully help you enjoy the “gift hunt” more this season.


The lovely people behind Tasty Moments are Aleisha & Joseph Yawney! Tasty Moments is a “mom and pop” operation that believes in putting extra care into gift giving. Each of our gifts is handmade with care in Eastern Ontario, using local ingredients when possible. We’ve teamed up with a host of local artisans so that you can offer the freshest, tastiest treats from the close to home to those you love.

You can find them at: Their website * Via email  * On Twitter  * On Facebook

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  1. Brenda A Monday - 10 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    I get a lot of pleasure out of finding just the right gifts. I think others know when you have really taken the time and thought (it has nothing to do with the $$$) when gift giving.
    • Crystal Tuesday - 11 / 12 / 2012 Reply
      Agree! Some of my most treasured gifts cost next to nothing, but time and love! :)
  2. Julie Tuesday - 11 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    I also agree! Our extended family xmas seems to have devolved to giving each other gift cards. While gift cards are nice and appreciated, it just doesn't compare to someone taking the time to select a gift for you, it's just like handing each other money all around and it's not as much fun! I'm determined to get everyone a gift this year, be it ever so small!
    • Crystal Tuesday - 11 / 12 / 2012 Reply
      I feel the same way about gift cards - they seem like a last resort/effort. I don't mind getting one to add to a gift, but not be the gift!

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