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Uggs are Ugly [Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann]

Uggs are Ugly [Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann]

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Choosing boots to suit our Canadian Winters often means choosing practicality and function over fashion. Traditionally, functional footwear is UGLY! There is nothing flattering about a big, clunky boot that you choose to wear, simply in an effort to keep your feet warm and dry.
Alas, I have scouted options that are not only practical for wearing to take care of all your mommy business throughout the winter; they are also fashionable as well. Rejoice dear ladies!

Uggs- We are familiar with the traditional style of Uggs, and let’s be honest, they are not attractive in the least. Truth be told, I hate the look of Uggs. I get that they are comfortable and warm, but so are your slippers. Would you wear them out of the house?! A pair of Uggs I can get behind are the Adirondacks. They are waterproof, cozy and fairly streamlined for a winter weather appropriate boot. They are the perfect style for playing outside with the kids.

Sorel- this is another, practical style I like. Sorel’s combine a waterproof bottom with luxurious fur lining. They have a ton of styles; I like the quilted “Chanel-esque” look of the “Tofino” boot. They even have a wedge style with a sturdy tread (who hasn’t wiped out on a patch of ice?).

This style of boot pairs well over denim or leggings, never with dresses or skirts.

Hush Puppies- These boots offer not only waterproof warmth, they are also streamlined. Hush Puppies styles are practical for day-to-day wear, yet fashionable enough to throw on with a skirt or dress.

Blondo- another great company that offers style and function is Blondo. Blondo offers boots that are waterproof and incorporate wool lining but more importantly, they are chic and polished!

Kat Neumann
Personal Image Consultant
Ottawa, Canada
613 291 1388


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  1. Crystal Saturday - 15 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    I agree! I think Uggs ARE ugly, but I will keep on wearing mine! lol I would never have ever thought that I would have bought a pair, but walking around 5 months pregnant in NYC 3 years ago, my aunt told me to try them on and I couldn't get over the wonderous comfort they gave me! They are super warm, but agree that they are not very nice looking at all. Big and clunky. My other downfall is they have zero grip on the bottoms. So don't judge me when you see me out in them ;)

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