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Celebrities and Babies [Guest Blog Post by Kelli Catana]

Celebrities and Babies [Guest Blog Post by Kelli Catana]

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While it would make life so much easier if celebrities just issued press releases with the details of their baby’s birth when they’re born, such as Shakira did yesterday when she gave birth to her son Milan, not all celebs are so willing to reveal the details of their personal life.


Such is the case with British singer Adele, who gave birth to her first child, a son, in October. Adele not only kept her pregnancy a secret until she was a good 5 months along, but she has also kept relatively mum on the details of her son’s birth. After his end of October arrival the singer has released no personal information about the baby, not even his name. BUT, it looks like the cat might be out of the bag as PEOPLE spotted Adele out and about wearing a necklace with the name Angelo on it.

Could Adele’s son be named Angelo? It certainly looks like it, unless she’s planning on leaving her boyfriend and baby daddy Simon Konecki for a man named Angelo! Personalized necklaces have become very popular among the celebrity set so it’s no surprise that Adele would have one with her son’s name on it. Unfortunately she probably didn’t think that the paparazzi would pick up on it.

What do you think? Do you think Adele has given away her son’s name?


© CL Buchanan PhotographyKelli Catana is an Ottawa area blogger, mom to 4 great kids and wife to one lucky man. When she’s not in front of her computer dishing on all the latest celebrity news and gossip, she can be found at a rink with one of her kids.  Visit her online at or on Twitter at .


Tricia is a work-at-home mom to one little boy. She and her husband have just celebrated another wedding anniversary and they live in the Ottawa Valley. Tricia has traveled the world and has lived in many countries around the globe, which gives her a unique insight into how different yet similar moms around the world are. Tricia can also be found blogging at Ottawa Family Living Magazine.

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