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Willow’s New Craft Room

Willow’s New Craft Room

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I’ve been talking about creating a craft space in our house for a long time now. A place where we could go to colour, paint, create, dream and imagine without the mess ending up all over my house. I was getting REALLY tired of vacuuming up glitter from the rug under the diningroom table so I put my mind to it and focused on the playroom.

Now, our house isn’t super big. It’s perfect for the three of us but it doesn’t leave extra space to convert an entire room (ie: a fourth bedroom) into a craft area as we already use the master, Willow’s bedroom and the third bedroom for our office. So, we had to get a little bit more creative. In the basement, we have a finished rec room that takes up about 1/2 of the space. The other 1/2 is storage, the laundry tub (the washer and dryer are upstairs with the bedrooms), the furnace and the hot water tank. We weren’t using the square part of that area for anything, except storing a bunch of stuff, so we converted that area into a craft room.

This photo shows the room not quite done. We are going to hang up a whiteboard above the three drawer container so that we can write letters or numbers or whatever we’d like on it. I’m also going to put fun, colourful paper on the backs of the shelves (the white side facing out) to give that a little more character. Otherwise, the walls will stay unfinished and the ceiling exposed.

The curtain rod is made out of a grey PVC pipe that is suspended by steel strapping (the type plumbers use) and is held by screws that go straight into the wooden rafters. It isn’t glamorous but for her room, it is functional and it works. Plus, when we move, it’ll be easy to take down and will leave nothing that will need fixing.


I’ll be posting the progress as we do a few more things and I’ve been filming a video of the entire thing that I’ll post at the end.

All in all, I’m really happy that the mess of her craft bins is now out of my diningroom area and into an area that has a laundry tub RIGHT THERE for easy and quick clean-up. The concrete floors, painted grey, are also perfect for that area because I don’t care what happens to it. Saves my hardwood floors from the paintbrush that Willow often throws.

Do you have an arts and crafts area set aside in your house? If so, I’d love to see a photo of it! Share a pic of it on the or e-mail it to me at i.


Erin is a mom to a very outgoing little girl named Willow. Willow was born on November 24, 2010 – three years after Erin and her husband decided to start planning their family. Erin is the owner of an online media agency and also vlogs much of her life on YouTube. She loves reading, writing and sharing her life with others.

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Comments (2)

  1. Erin Monday - 21 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    Hey Erin, Just a hint if you install a white board.... Crayola makes dry-erase crayons! We were super excited to find these since they don't have the strong fumes that typical dry erase markers have. They are a little hard to get off the dry erase board but find that a Mr. Clean magic eraser does the trick! Enjoy your crafting!
  2. Kristen Tuesday - 22 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    I'm so glad you posted this. We have a back room storage area that I have been thinking about turning into a play room but didn't know how to hang curtains to make a wall. Such a great idea!

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