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Invest in Photography Editing Tools for Your Kid’s Photos

Invest in Photography Editing Tools for Your Kid’s Photos

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Whenever I snap photos of Willow, I generally download them all onto my computer, open iPhoto, choose my favourites and I click on “Edit.” In the “Edit” screen, I click on the little “Enhance” button and BAM! Photo edited.

Or is it?

After having the opportunity to do some work with Jodi Friedman of MCP Actions, I’ve quickly figured out that my little “Edit” > “Enhance” trick is really not cutting it. I’ve also learned that there is an easier way to get truly gorgeous photographs.

Whether you are a complete amateur photographer (like me), a hobbyist or a professional photographer, Jodi’s products over at MCP Actions will make you feel like a ninja in the editing department. Her actions and presets are downloadable files that get loaded into either Photoshop or Elements (actions) or Lightroom (presets) and with a few clicks you can apply gorgeous effects to your photographs. See the photograph to the right for an example of what an edited photo can look like.

I’m of the belief that not all 104545 pictures I take of my child should make it to Facebook, Twitter or whatever other medium I decide to share them on. Instead, I like to be selective with what I am sharing and give people a visual treat. Capture the most beautiful photographs of Willow that I can (and sometimes the quirkiest) and post a handful. I think people much prefer to look at a few really great photographs than hundreds of okay ones.

The other product that I really love of Jodi’s is the Blog It Boards. This is a product that helps you to instantly create gorgeous collages of your photographs to post in a blog post or on your website. This is SO helpful when you want to display multiple photographs.

Check out Jodi’s products here: You’ll be so glad to have the help in the editing department and your photos will look SO much better!


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