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Weight Loss, Exercise, and Nutrition – Part 3 of 5

Weight Loss, Exercise, and Nutrition – Part 3 of 5

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Today, in Part 3 of the series, we will be focusing on lifestyle and its effects on weight loss and our bodies. Like in part one of the series, I want you to examine your lifestyle and see what habits are healthy and which you may want to change. Be proud of what you are doing right and stay positive in order to make the changes that you do want to make.

We are going to discuss the infamous sleep. As parents, we know how important sleep is for our minds and bodies and how we crave it when it is absent or disturbed! Many people wonder how many hours of sleep you need. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is still recommended, but there are individuals who function perfectly on less than 8 and some need more than 8. I know at times it is impossible to get those much needed zzz’s at night, and if you are finding it challenging, to the point that you can barely function on a daily basis, seek help. Sleep in the basement while your husband/partner gets up with the baby, stay at a hotel for a night with your partner while you have a reliable babysitter stay at home with your kids. Find some solution that works for your family so you can recoup and, in turn, better take care of them.

It is important for moms especially to find time to rest and rejuvenate. Do you need to DESTRESS? It is a lot of stress on our bodies and minds when we are taking care of other people first. Whether it be part of your job like a massage therapist, taking care of little ones and your family, or taking care of elderly relatives. Find some time to go to the spa, get yourself pampered and take care of you first! It can be as easy as going shopping by yourself for an hour. Get a massage. You NEED it. Don’t feel guilty or selfish. These are common feelings for new moms especially. I know I felt that way anytime I left my kids, my son especially. Now with two kids I am able to talk myself into taking more time for myself more often! I notice a huge difference when I am reunited with my family, loving them that much more!

Avoid cigarette smoking and do not abuse alcohol. These two speak for themselves. They are toxic and take years of happiness off your life. Again if you find you cannot change these habits on your own, but do want to, seek help. Talk to your doctor who can refer you to a specialist if need be.

Be active. Exercise is so important for all aspects of your being. Although it feels yucky sometimes doing it, you usually feel better after! It releases endorphins into the bloodstream and helps to rid of toxins in the body. Don’t overdo aerobic exercise. Your body needs a balance of cardio, flexibility and strength training for both weight loss and everyday function. I will wrap up this series with a focus on exercise in part 4 and 5.

Minimize your intake of medical drugs. There are a lot of natural alternatives to medications that can be as effective, not addictive, and not that won’t affect other organs or produce any bad side effects. There are a lot of Naturalpathic Doctors in the Ottawa area and I can highly recommend Dr. Colleen McQuarrie at the Ottawa Integrative Health Center. They cover pretty much every medical aspect that a medical doctor would including problems with thyroid, conceiving, bacterial infections etc. Again seek reliable professional help if it is needed.

These are the key points to take away from this blog:

1. Sleep
2. Identify stressors and remove them or make a plan to decrease them
3. Move and exercise
4. Don’t smoke or drink excessively
5. Make yourself a priority and take care of yourself

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  1. Crystal Friday - 05 / 10 / 2012 Reply
    Some are definitely easier said than done! I know I am guilty of a few of these things and need to put myself back on my to-do list! ;) Thanks Nin! Love these posts!

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