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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea: The SwingCar from ActivePlay

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea: The SwingCar from ActivePlay

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A lot of people are familiar with the sounds of little toy cars and bikes driving up and down the street in the summertime so I wanted to bring you back to that time of year and give you a fantastic Christmas present idea at the same time!  ActivePlay, an Ottawa-based company, has created the SwingCar and it is selling like crazy.

Willow has one of the SwingCars and while she’s been too young to fully enjoy it thus far, I can not WAIT for next summer to see her zipping up and down our street on it.  Although, if I’m being 100% honest, her age has not stopped us from enjoying the SwingCar… it has seen many miles going around my parent’s house from room to room.  If I’m being even more honest, it has mostly been myself, my husband and Willow’s grandparents who have enjoyed it!  Age is only a number people! ;)

The SwingCar is a children’s mobile Twist Car that utilizes centrifugal force acting on gravity to produce self-propulsion. It operates with simple body motions without batteries or a motor. It converts these forces and motions into forward (and backward) motion. The faster your body moves, the faster the SwingCar will travel. (I quoted that bit from their website.)

The SwingCar is made of high quality, durable and light material, which makes it a great choice for kids because it’s easy for them to maneuver and will survive through regular use.  The SwingCar comes in blue, red or pink and is recommended for ages 3 and up.

The awesome thing about this toy is that it’s design is simple and environmentally friendly – no batteries, no extra parts.  It also aids in developing coordination and strengthening muscles, which is a fantastic thing for a toy to be able to do.  It’s a whole lot of fun and affordable!

The SwingCar is on sale on their website right now for just $49.99, which is an awesome price for this toy.  We’ve really loved using it and the design is one that Willow will be able to easily understand and enjoy.  Thank you for making this toy and bringing us so many other great toys as well!

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  1. jennifer Sunday - 16 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    The children at school love to use this product in the gym. We find that it doesnot work well on the pavement.

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