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It’s Been One Week….

It’s Been One Week….

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So! New Years Day was a week ago! The day that I committed to getting healthy and signed up for the Ottawa Race Weekend 10km run! (which you can hear about here in our podcast from last week!) Annnnddddd…..I figured I would give a little update! ;)

I have been in this position before. Many times. Many more than I ever would like to admit. “Starting fresh” in a New Year, or heck, any ole day of the year really. Up to “D-Day”, aka January 1st, I had been eating pretty crappy. Well, it was actually at the time very yummy, but crappy for my body if you know what I mean – lots of baking, chocolate, take out, rich cheeses, crackers, pop, anything that included the word ‘dip’ in it….the list goes on. But I wasn’t as bad as I was last year (2011 going into 2012), so I felt good about that. *I take my wins anywhere I can :P

So as always, starting January 1st off on a healthy foot isn’t always the easiest. The house is still full of those foods mentioned above, and I did try, but I still gave in to my crazy self and indulged a bit. So I was still feeling pretty down awful that I had:

  1. Thought that I could run a 10k…why on earth did I sign up for that and then…
  2. ….publicize it on OVM!? (you can see that blog post here)
  3. Getting down on myself (as I always do) thinking that I can’t ever change.

So last Friday night, I was sitting watching 20/20, which of course was all about New Years Resolutions and people who had lost a ton of weight and how they did it etc = run of the mill first week of January type of programming! I decided to tweet out some of what they were talking about and ended up having a convo (can you call it a convo on Twitter? well I am!) with some people about how bad sugar is (which is totally my drug) and getting fit etc.

So I went to bed still feeling like a lazy, uncommitted person, regretting my decisions.

BUT! (you know there HAS to be a BUT!) I woke up Saturday morning feeling very determined! I went out grocery shopping and stocked up on healthy and hearty foods. I downloaded the Couch to 5K App for my phone (yes I signed up for a 10k, but it had been almost 3 months since I ran a 5 k, and wanted to start fresh!) and went for my first run! I told my husband that he had to take the kids (and his :P )  candy and chocolate from Christmas and hide it or I was going to throw it out. If I know where it is, I am still going to eat it and I just wanted it gone!

I haven’t looked back since then! Ok, yes! That was only 4 days ago, but I am still feeling charged and much better about life in general! Funny how when you pull your head out of the sand you can see the sunshine! :)

So today, one week later, I am down 6lbs from my New Years morning weight! :) A lot of that is likely because of just how bad I was eating in December, but at any rate, that is still encouraging to see. I realize that ‘a number’ is not a good guideline, and I don’t really have an ultimate number in mind, but it is still a way to track progress.

So yes! This is where I am! It took me a few days to get rolling in my commitment, but I did thanks to some wonderful Tweeps, and I am feeling good! 

Have you stuck to your New Years resolutions!? If you made a resolution to get healthy or to run, how is it going!? Let’s encourage each other! :D

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Comments (4)

  1. Steve Tuesday - 08 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    I like it...
    • Crystal Tuesday - 08 / 01 / 2013 Reply
      Thanks Steve, you are big inspiration! Keep doing what you're doing! :)
  2. Kate P Friday - 11 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    I'm with ya sista! It wasn't a resolution, just a get back to the way I was pre-baby! And I haven't run anything in well over a year. Let's kick some butt together. Lock arms, and try to avoid temptation to conquer our new quest!
    • Crystal Saturday - 12 / 01 / 2013 Reply
      Thanks Kate! And I saw you signed up for the 10k as well!! Awesome!!! We CAN do this!!! :D Appreciate your support!!!

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