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Book Review: W Is For Wapiti! An Alphabet Songbook [Video]

Book Review: W Is For Wapiti! An Alphabet Songbook [Video]

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“John the pigeon. John the pigeon has four legs, four legs. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four…”

This is currently what my 5 year old daughter Ava is running around the kitchen singing! With extreme emphasis on the ‘one, two, three, four..’ I may add ;) She was very excited when I recently brought home the book OVM was given from The Secret Mountain Publishing – . She immediately looked through it and was eager to sit with me and read it. So she was SUPER excited when she found the CD with all the songs on it that corresponds with the pages of the book!

As soon as I put the CD in, she was instantly captivated! The first song starts right out singing ‘Aha aha! Did you do that!?’ Which made us both laugh as my 18 month old son calls Ava “A-Ha”, so it was like the song was meant for her! ;) I put the CD on for her while I was making dinner, and I could hear her dancing around in her room while listening! She stayed in there listening and ‘reading’ the book right through from A to Z!

 All of the 24 songs are quite catchy! They all have a different sound and feel to them. With male, female and children singing, it really keeps changing things up as to not get monotonous. Some song have a jazz feel to them, some more a folk, and other more of a get up and dance pop style! The only song out of the 24 that my daughter didn’t overly seem to love was #4 – Love to Dream. She found this ‘scary’ in her words. After listening to it myself, it was a little lower, more growly of a voice, so I could see how it would possibly come across this way to a small child! My son enjoyed dancing to the songs as well, but his attention span is not quite as long as my daughters, so wasn’t as into it as she was. Although this makes sense, as the age range for this book states as 3-7 years!

As a whole, I love this book for Ava! She knows the alphabet and can recognize the letters and because of this she was able to easily follow along to the CD with the book. Although she can’t read completely, the pictures and the songs enabled her to dance and do gestures that the pictures depicted to her. She thoroughly enjoyed the book and CD. When she came home from school today, the day after she first listened, she immediately asked to listen again. The songs are simply written for the most part, so that it didn’t take long for her to remember them, and sing along with the CD, and also on her own after she was done!

I think that this book is great to help learn the alphabet in a fun way, and learn words that they may not hear everyday….like Wapiti! So it is educational AND fun! What parent doesn’t want that for their child!? I recommend this book to all parents of preschoolers and into younger elementary aged children!

I managed to capture her on video dancing along to the songs while looking at the book and then asked her for her opinion of the book! And in true honest 5 year old style, she delivered! ;)

 More more information on this book, please visit W Is For Wapiti! Website or to purchase, please visit !!


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