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Ozery’s Pita Break – Crispy Pitas Review

Ozery’s Pita Break – Crispy Pitas Review

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Ottawa Valley Moms received a box in the mail filled with bags of Ozery’s Pita Break “Crispy Pitas” in a multitude of flavours. Our first thought was, “Let’s dive in RIGHT NOW!” but we decided instead to split up the bags and each tackle a different flavour with our individual families.

Speaking of families, Ozery’s Pita Break is a family-owned company that is located in Vaughn, Ontario. Not far from our home of Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley! From their website: “Our company started as a small, family-owned bakery. 15 years later, not much has changed. We have welcomed new faces and helping hands over the years, but what started as a business with a father, Al Ozery, and two sons, Alon and Guy, is still the same. Today, our father is enjoying semi-retirement and we work hard to make him proud.

The Crispy Pita line is a brand new product, which comes in four new flavours. The pita chips are a healthier alternative and contain 50 per cent less fat than regular potato chips. They are also trans fat free, contain whole grains, are a great source of fibre and has 6g of protein per serving. The flavours include cranberry pumpkin seed, rosemary garlic, organic spelt and organic wheat.

Want to find out where you can buy Crispy Pitas? Click here.

We are super proud of what this company has accomplished and we are proud to bring you this review, from all five of us, as we dove into the Crispy Pitas product line. YUM!

* * *

Cranberry Pumpkin Seed – Reviewed by Crystal

I was pleased to get the Cranberry Pumpkin Seed flavour of Crispy Pitas! With it getting close to fall, it was a perfect choice seasonally!

I opened them up as an after school snack for the whole family to enjoy, and have to say that the picture on the bag was just as the Crispy Pitas look like out of the bag! There were little pieces of dried cranberry amongst the pumpkin seeds in the crackers, which was very nice!

I personally found they had a distinct cinnamon and sugar flavour to them. I found I could taste that almost more than the cranberries and pumpkin seeds themselves. My husband found they just tasted “plain”, but he isn’t much for eating crackers without dip or cheese to begin with. However he wasn’t long enjoying the remainder of the ENTIRE bag once my daughter and I were done. My son is only 18 months old, and he wanted to try them too! Although, I found them a bit too hard for him, and he was having a difficult time eating them.

Overall, I did thoroughly enjoy our Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Crispy Pitas! I think they would go perfectly with a soft cheese spread we enjoy, in the cranberry peppercorn flavouring! I might try that, in the future! Was very happy to be able to sample this delicious product!

* * *

Rosemary Garlic – Reviewed by Erin

I’d like to think that these lasted awhile and that I savoured every bit of them and made them last for days but … I did not. In fact, I opened the bag and started eating them and COULD.NOT.STOP (note the empty bag pic). They were incredibly flavourful and super delicious. I’d also like to be able to tell you that I shared them with my entire family but… well… they didn’t even see that light of day. DEVOURED.

I am a cracker and chip junkie so when these landed on my doorstep, I knew that it was love at first sight. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about how healthy the product stated it was and I expected bland, flavourless and boring but the Crispy Pitas were NONE of the above. The rosemary and garlic flavour is amazing and the two are balanced perfectly. Neither overpowering and neither underwhelming. Just perfect.

The only downside to the chip is that because they are so crispy, they are SO not a snack you can stealthily eat. Be prepared for EVERYONE in your house to know that you are eating them and when they come running, try to talk your way around the noise as you hide the bag away out of sight (you will NOT want to share them… I promise).

All kidding aside, these are really, really good. Go get a bag. Right now. I’ll wait and join you in the feast.

* * *

Organic Spelt with Flax – Reviewed by Nina

I tried both the Organic Wheat and Organic Spelt with Flax pita chips.

I was a little disappointed in the flavor of the Spelt pita chips. I found them very bland and not able to eat on their own. They were however great with hummus and friends of ours enjoyed them with the hummus and guacamole as well. I am used to eating wheat alternative products, but I don’t think I would go for these ones again.

The wheat ones on the other hand tasted amazing! I loved the flavor and they were great on their own and with a dip. My husband and I ate most of the bag on our own!

The only thing that would deter me from buying them again is the 230 calories per 17 chips and a very high sodium content per serving. Out of curiosity I compared the two bags of pita chips to a bag of plain chips in my cupboard and both bags of pita chips had almost the same calories per serving as the chips, but had twice as much sodium.

All in all as a health conscience person, I would only buy the wheat ones occasionally as a treat because they tasted yummy!

* * *

Organic Wheat – Reviewed by Tricia

I tried the Organic Wheat Crispy Pitas and I have to admit I LOVED them. I brought them to an outdoor excursion so that I could just eat a few on the go if I got hungry, and easily give them to my son. I forgot cheese so was hoping they would taste okay on their own.

I was pleasantly surprised when we ripped open the bag, the pita crisps were delicious. We were able to snack on them as we wandered around outside with little mess and hassle.

I really enjoyed that they were lightly salted. They weren’t overdone, but added enough salt to satisfy your salt cravings. That evening I paired the chips with a light cheese and really enjoyed the pairing. They really complimented each other without being overpowering.

My favorite part of the Pita Chips was the Nutrition Facts. They are made with organic ingredients and use cane sugar instead of sugar. I could happily munch on a portion size (17chips) and know it was reasonably healthy.

According to Pita Chips, *Per 50g serving, crispy pitas contain 6g of fat while regular potato chips contain 18g of fat. I highly recommend reaching for Crispy Pitas next time you are craving a salty snack.

* * *


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