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OVM’s Top 12 Posts in 2012!

OVM’s Top 12 Posts in 2012!

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To wrap up 2012, we wanted to share with you our top posts in 2012 as gauged by comments (not including the giveaways).  Here are the top 12 posts of 2012.

1. People Assume I’m Failing

In this post, Erin talks about how a change in her lifestyle (moving from goals that were superficial to goals that were more solid and rooted) has caused people around her to assume she is failing.  It seemed that a lot of people could relate to what she was going through!

Read this post here.

2. Yo Elf on the Shelf… You are One Creepy MotherELFer!

In this post, Erin talked about the elf on the shelf and how creepy she thought it was.  It turns out, there are a lot of people who love the elf and a lot of people who strongly dislike the elf.  The comments turned out to be one of our favourite parts of the post as the conversation was lively!

Read this post here.

3. I Hate Winter Driving!

In Crystal’s post on winter driving, she shares her experience with winter driving and how it changed the course of her entire life.  A lot of people could relate to having fear around winter driving and a lot of people showed up with condolesences for the loss of Crystal’s mother.

Read this post here.

4. HELP!! Overnight Bedwetting Question!

In this post, Crystal asks advice on overnight bedwetting and how to break that cycle.  A lot of our readers had a ton of helpful advice and showed up with ideas and support for Crystal.

Read this post here.

5. October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, and Today, I Share My Story

Crystal experienced a miscarriage at thirteen weeks into her pregnancy and went through a devastating experience.  She shared her story, bravely, in this post and so many people showed up to offer support, words of advice and even share their own stories.

Read this post here.

6. My Journey Through Love and Loss – Part 1

In Melissa’s post about her journey through love and loss, she shared with readers her story of her husband’s battle with brain cancer.  A battle that he eventually lost.  There wasn’t a dry eye to be found after reading Melissa’s heart wrenching story that spanned over three posts.

Read this post here.

7. Effing Periods

Yes, all women could relate to this post.  Erin shared in her post just how much she hates periods and how they’ve become even worse after having a baby.  It was a comical look at what women have to go through each month and how their husbands often turn into man slaves.

Read this post here.

8. I’m Afraid of My Crockpot!

Melissa wrote a funny post about her crockpot and why it gives her a bit of fear.  Our readers stepped up with advice to help Melissa move past her fears and develop a loving relationship with the crockpot!

Read this post here.

9. 29 Going on 15!

If you’ve ever experienced adult acne, you’ll relate to Crystal’s post!  In it, she shares about her experiences with her skin and how she went from flawless skin to skin that was a bit temperamental.

Read this post here.

10. Oh Phallic Tree, Oh Phallic Tree!

This year, Erin and Steve bought a Christmas tree… and it turned out to look a lot like a … well … crotch rocket.  She shares her tree buying experience with a funny twist.

Read this post here.

11. Baby, Bye Bye Bye!

In this post, Tricia shares her struggle with weaning her son from the pacifier and asks for advice on the best ways to do it.  You all stepped up and gave her some helpful advice!

Read this post here.

12. Guilty Catholic

In this post, Nina shares her experiences with religion and talks about how it’s changed over the course of her life.  Religion is often something that is not discussed so Nina was brave in opening up and sharing her journey with everyone.

Read this post here.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support this year and we look forward to continuing the relationship with you in 2013. :)


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