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Just Because I Mention It Doesn’t Mean I Want Advice

Just Because I Mention It Doesn’t Mean I Want Advice

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The other morning while driving to work I was listening to the radio and they started talking about celebrity news. I am all for celebrity gossip but this little bit of info that they were talking about was a little too much, as in totally crossing the line! They were talking about the Kardashian (I’m sure you have heard the name once or twice), in particular Khloe Kardashian. I have to say I don’t watch the show or really follow them, so I don’t know the particulars about Khloe’s life, but they were taking about her and her husband’s TTCing. Yup…..even the celebrities can’t evade this on-going question. It was reported that their fans feel that they really know this couple and were tweeting them advice… even which positions to try! REALLY?? This just baffles me…..just because someone tells you they are trying to have a baby doesn’t mean that they want advice, let alone suggesting positions they should try because that is how they conceived their child.

Now I do know that some celebrities put themselves and their life out in the public as an open book (hence the obsession with reality TV), but you have to remember that they are still people and there are just some lines that shouldn’t be crossed – for me I think this is one of those situations. I like to translate this to ‘real’ life…..I’m of the thought that if a person wants to talk about something that is going on in their life I wait for them to bring it up, I don’t ask because I know what it is like to not want to talk about a problem or situation they are in every time I see them (for me when my late husband was going through Cancer treatments). The decision to try for a baby is such a big one that couples don’t need the added stress from the outside, as I’m sure they put enough of it on themselves.

I honestly don’t think that Khloe’s decision to let the world in on their family plans was so that she can get advice from random strangers, more so just putting it out there. Maybe the constant question ‘so when will you be having a baby’ finally got to them and they decided to start saying they were trying. I hope when my husband and I start trying that we aren’t bombarded with ‘baby making’ advice…..saying that we are trying is not an invitation for advice!

How do you feel about this? Do you think it is ok for strangers to give this type of advice and has it ever happened to you?

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  1. Megs Becking Thursday - 08 / 11 / 2012 Reply
    Liss...I totally agree with you on this one! I have to admit I love the goosip too...I mean who doesn't! But I also believe that there is a line that shouldn't be crossed and rather respected. Sometimes I think people are blind to the "line" and consistantly find themselves crossing it. These are people too and their personal lives, especially what goes on behind closed doors should be kept private. I am sure they will gladly share the news when they become pregnant but until then I don't think the added pressure of being bombarded with "advice" is going to make the process going any faster. Great post Liss...loved this one...and love you xo
  2. Tricia Friday - 09 / 11 / 2012 Reply
    Great post Mel. I don't think people realize the pressure they can but on others by asking these personal questions.

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