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New Moms Can Be Stylish! [Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann]

New Moms Can Be Stylish! [Guest Blog Post by Kat Neumann]

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When it comes to pregnancy fashion, we have discussed what you should wear while pregnant, but what about the awkward time after you have had the baby but are still carrying some weight around? This can be an even more difficult time fashion wise. You are likely carrying more weight around your mid-section and instead of being proud and wanting to show off your burgeoning belly, you are now trying to hide it the best you can and pissed off when your pre-pregnancy jeans do not fit.

Thankfully, leggings and jeggings are still very on trend and you should make them your new best friend. They are easy to throw on, comfortable all the while being stylish if paired with the right top and boots. Opt for leggings with more weight and structure; these will contain your thighs and tummy. Not to mention, these will accommodate a fluctuating body.

Flowy tops are currently popping up in all kinds of stores and these tops will work wonders for concealing extra weight around your midsection. Some things to remember when purchasing a flowy top: choose styles that skim your silhouette as opposed to tenting away from your body; if the top billows away from your body, try belting it at your narrowest point.

Use accessories to draw attention upwards. Bold necklaces and earrings will grab a person’s attention, keeping them looking at your jewelry and not the rest of your body. Scarves will have the same effect.

A wrap dress is universally flattering, no matter what your weight or shape is. This item is also great for mom’s who are breastfeeding. Pick one up in your favorite vibrant color or a pattern that is to scale with your frame.

Don’t worry about the size you are currently wearing, you birthed a human for heaven’s sake and that in itself deserves a medal of honor! Embrace what your body accomplished and know, in time, you will settle into a shape you are comfortable with. However, when all else fails, Spanx it!

Kat_NeumannKat Neumann is an image consultant and personal shopper with a
strong commitment to helping women live confident, vibrant lives.
Kat worked many years as a nanny before pursuing her passion for
fashion. When she is not helping clients build fabulous wardrobes,
she can be found in the gym or kitchen, fostering a healthy lifestyle.
If you are interested in infusing a little more confidence and style
into your life, contact her at .


Tricia is a work-at-home mom to one little boy. She and her husband have just celebrated another wedding anniversary and they live in the Ottawa Valley. Tricia has traveled the world and has lived in many countries around the globe, which gives her a unique insight into how different yet similar moms around the world are. Tricia can also be found blogging at Ottawa Family Living Magazine.

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